COVID-19 Information & Events Update

Please note that, at present, our usual schedule of seminars has been suspended. While we generally host many special seminars featuring top Aikido teachers from across the US and abroad,  a world wide pandemic  has made this practice inadvisable. To insure teacher safety and the availability of their inspiration for the future of Aikido, we will only return to this practice when it is safe. We hope too restart public seminars in the fall of 2021. Stay in touch.

Shindai Dojo has reopened for inside training, and you are welcome. Please contact us if you can visit. Be aware that in order to protect our students and community, we are enforcing strict protocols. We prefer vaccinated visitors.


Our First Scheduled “Coming out of Covid” Seminar has been cancelled.

Neither Ikeda Sensei or Shindai is comfortable with the risks involved at this time. Our personal desires must be replaced with consideration for the safety of Sensei and all. Ikeda Sensei has assured us that he will make two spots available in 2022. Stand by. Get vaccinated. 


We are greatly looking forward to having Ikeda Sensei back at Shindai Dojo!

Please remember: We train Aikido to build integrity for the present, and a foundation for a future. We study the external and internal principles of the martial arts in order to live with strength and potential. The inherent nature of self-defense requires us to promote the health and integrity of those around us first, our nation, our community, to sustain and improve life. In this time of pandemic the integration of these concepts and principles in daily life are imperative.


The most important thing you will ever do is what you do now. The best thing you will ever do is yet to come, born on the integrity of your efforts. SF

Shindai Dojo Regular Calendar Available soon.


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