Aikido Articles

The articles, written by teachers and mentors, represent wisdom and experience from Shindai Dojo.


What Is Aikido? by Dennis Hooker, Chief Instructor Shindai Dojo Emeritus

I travel a lot and have for years in relation to Aikido, either as student or teacher. (That may be redundant in this phase of my life, as I learn more when teaching than when being a student.)
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The Psychology of the Warrior Spirit

We talk about the warrior spirit, but seldom define it. A warrior is someone who faces conflict. Spirit is something other than physical.
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Interview with Shindai Aikikai Chief Instructor Steve Fasen: Dennis Hooker and His Legacy

Steve Fasen found aikido in Central Florida almost by accident. After training in karate for a decade prior to moving to the Orlando area, he wandered into an aikido class when his kids’ gymnastics class ran over. A few weeks later…
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What is a hakama and who wears it?
A hakama is the skirt-like pants that some aikidoka wear. It is a traditional piece of samurai clothing. The standard gi worn in aikido as well as in other martial arts such as Judo or Karate was originally underclothes.
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