Shindai Aikikai Dojo Yudansha

These ranks are established through the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) testing review process. All have been recorded and certified internationally by the Aikido Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan. 

6th  dan – Rokudan

  • Stephen Fasen Sensei / Ueshiba Juku / Chief Instructor
  • Brian Canin Sensei / Ueshiba Juku/ Senior Instructor

5th  dan – Godan

  • Tim Magill Sensei

4th  dan – Yondan

  • Kristen Kuebler Sensei
  • Ola Karasik Sensei
  • Gil Gillespie Sensei
  • Dan McCartney Sensei 
  • Charlie Harney Sensei (at large)

3rd  dan – Sandan

  • Phil Ott Sensei
  • Patricia Wheeler
  • Dimitri Deglas  Sensei (HO)
  • Dana Eckart (at large)

2nd  dan – Nidan

  • Kip Kiener
  • Tim Peters
  • Darriel Dilulio


  • Olga Raieva
  • Leigh Yeargin
  • Matt Whiting
  • Paul H Blanchet
  • Michael Perry
  • Sean Lear
  • Dan Santiago

Yudansha ranks must be active, not just worn. They are milestones of  recognition along a path of discipline, determination, effort, and of course capability. The significance however lies in retrospect, looking back on a waypoint from which the next steps are taken on a life journey. The weight and responsibility of each promotion becomes heavier for the individual carrying it,  making them stronger. Carried with integrity, through determined continuous training,  each rank holds the potential of the next. Our Yudansha proceed always with the heart of a beginner (Shoshin). 


“The path only ends if you stop. The most important rank is Shodan. Hajime. The point at which you assume a more personal graduated responsibility for the journey under your own direction.” – Steve Fasen, Chief Instructor


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