Shindai Aikikai Dojo Yudansha

These ranks are recommended by Shindai dojo review boards, the promotions are sent through the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) testing review process. All have been endorsed, recorded and certified internationally by the Aikido Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan. 

6thdan – Rokudan

  • Stephen Fasen Sensei / Ueshiba Juku
  • Brian Canin Sensei / Ueshiba Juku

5thdan – Godan

  • Tim Magill Sensei

4th dan – Yondan

    • Kristen Kuebler Sensei
    • Ola Karasik Sensei
    • Charlie Harney Sensei
    • Gil Gillespie Sensei
    • Dan McCartney Sensei

3rd dan – Sandan

      • Dana Eckart
      • Phil Ott
      • Patricia Wheeler
      • Dimitri Deglas

2nd dan – Nidan

      • Matt Bartolomei
      • Powell Phillips
      • Kip Kiener
      • Tim Peters


      • Darriel Dilulio
      • Sean Lear
      • Michael Perry
      • Olga Raieva
      • Leigh Yeargin
      • Chingiz Aliyev

Yudansha ranks must be carried. Each one becomes a milestone when it is set down as the next is taken on. The weight and responsibility of each promotion is heavier than the last. Carried with integrity they build strength as the journey continues. These designations are meaningless without continuous training, as we all are perpetual students. We proceed always with the heart of a beginner (Shoshin). All Shindai Yudansha train. All instructors train. The path only ends if you stop.

” Train always. In this moment to the next, expand your mind, challenge your body, build the integrity to house a powerful spirit. Make your posture reflect the nobility of effort and Budo.  Empathize to serve others when you can.  Sit when you can no longer stand. Rest fully when you are dead. ” SF


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