The Covid-19 Pandemic

To protect our students, and the community we are responsible to, Shindai Dojo has reopened under strict protocols.  Please note the standards that are in place that must be followed. All seminars have been cancelled for 2020.

We train Aikido to be present, to embrace the external and internal principles of the martial arts in order to live with strength and integrity. Self defense starts with looking to the health and integrity of those around us. The principles and philosophies of physical training become internalized in time, to be utilized against all conflict, to sustain and improve life. In this time of pandemic integration of these concepts and principles to daily life are imperative.  
Now is the time to practice the realities of your art to help gain control over an insidious enemy. SF

If you are intending to train with us (or visit), you must notify our chief instructor. No drop in visitors are being allowed at this time.

To preschedule training or a visit contact: 

( FasenSensei

Mandatory Protocols are in place to keep our dojo safe. These will be articulated at the time of visit or your first class.


We hope to welcome you to our dojo soon !img_20121104_115231-1

     Brian Canin Sensei – 6thDan/ Sr. Instructor,
Mitsugi Saotome Shihan (Uchi Deshi to O’Sensei – founder of the  ASU),
with Steve Fasen Sensei / Chief Instructor – 6thDan 

We welcome you to visit or observe our classes . Contact us for a free class. 


testing warm up



Student membership information is available.

Join us in a class session! You will always have plenty of great people to meet.

Serious Aikidoka are always welcome regardless of age, gender, style, rank or affiliation.





Not Just Aikido

Shindai Aikido Dojo is a Budokan.

As part of our Budo mission, we house a cadre of traditional Japanese martial arts providing support, time and space for their teaching.

For information on Judo, Karate, Kendo, Jujitsu, Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu and Toyama Ryu … visit the Budokan drop down on this site for class times and contact information. 

































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