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Since 1986, Shindai has offered unparalleled training in Aikido and the philosophies of Japanese Budo. We are actively involved in the cultural and intellectual development of Aikido, as such we represent a resource for introduction, research, integration. You can find timeless and current resources here to help you in your practice.

Learn more about the language of Aikido and other useful Japanese terms on the drop down entries

Visit the Dojo for a more personal introduction, discussion, and answers to your individual questions. Sit in our Tea Room for access to our library.

Understand the culture, ethics, equipment, uniform, and other fundamental details that characterize the culture and practice of Aikido in our dojo and traiining around the world.

“Shindai Aikikai is, and has long been, a haven for serious martial artists to improve their craft, and to add to their respective toolkits.” – Francis Takahashi Shihan/7th Dan


Experience spirited and vigorous learning.

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