Shindai Aikikai Emeritus Instructors

Shindai’s Aikido training paradigm, the integrity of its character, reflects the unparalleled martial legacy of our late founder, master instructor Dennis Hooker Sensei (ASU 7th dan). We attempt to honor Hooker Sensei and our exceptional emeritus instructors every day through studious disciplined training.

Dennis Hooker Sensei (ASU 7th Dan Shihan)

The founder of Shindai Aikikai Aikido Dojo, Hooker Sensei passed in 2014. His teaching remains with us, challenging and guiding us, in every class. Every class begins with ringing the dojo bell in reflection and respect.  Sensei’s invaluable instruction lives on in his many students around the country. Within Shindai, all are dedicated to maintaining his legacy of martial integrity and discipline. His vision of offering Aikido for all who come to his dojo continues unabated.


Dr. David Jones Sensei (ASU 6th Dan)

Jones Sensei was a senior instructor at Shindai for decades. Sensei passed in 2016.  A consummate martial artist, he was proficient in Taiichi, Kyudo, Jodo, Karate and Aikido. A brilliant intellect, professor of anthropology, an author, Fulbright scholar, a Komuso monk, musician, husband, father and friend.  He awaits us in the realm of warriors and dragons. Jones Sensei’s inspiration is in our Dojo’s DNA. His ashes reside in our Kamiza, his teaching in our hearts.   


Dan Vaccaro Sensei (4th Dan) was with Shindai since the late 80’s. His martial training includes both Chinese and Japanese martial arts. One of the original teachers at Shindai, his unique character and passion are responsible for setting many, including Fasen Sensei, on their Aikido path. Now retired, Dan continues his personal training to this day.

Lew Morrison Sensei (3rd dan) has been with Shindai since the late 80’s. Enjoying his octogenarian privileges, Lew often visits as one of the original teachers at Shindai, still leading with support, integrity and attitude in his retirement. Lew stands as an inspiration to all contemporary and future students.

Former Shindai Yudansha 

Jose Andrade – Judy Brady – Brian Davis – Dan Dease – Jeff Honey – Charles Hydovitz  – Nikki Lewis – Peter Murphy – Keith Oshiro – Ian Pinkerton – Ray Ramirez – Louise Santos – Paul Schweer – John Susan – Yacine Tanane – Don Williams – Mark wise – Boar Zhao – Guanhgui Zhoa


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