” Bringing Saotome Sensei’s Legacy Forward”

May 17-19, 2024


This was a great seminar from every perspective.  This special program of the ASU, combining a number of Saotome Sensei’s leading students to teach Saotome Sensei’s legacy, is worth every effort to attend.  The balancing perspectives are just not available in any other format. Hultgren and Messores Sensei were brilliant.


These special seminars are sponsored by the ASU to present the perspectives of Saotome Sensei’s most senior students on his Aikido and his teaching. His 7th Dans partner in unique pairs for three days of training to cast a light on Saotome Sensei through their most personal experiences and understandings, as his closest students. The lense the hold up for us provides an insight into Saotome Sensei’s unique Aikido, the ASU, and the history of influence that must not be lost.

This session will featured:

Raso Hultgren Shihan & John Messores Shihan

Aikido Schools of Ueshiba

Bringing Saotome Sensei’s Legacy Forward