Membership Dues

Shindai Dojo Membership Dues

Shindai Aikikai is an ASU member dojo dedicated to the promotion  and teaching of Aikido as taught by M. Saotome Shihan.  Our membership dues are kept low because profit is not our focus. Our instructors do not accept compensation because we teach in response to obligation and responsibility set forth by our founder and his teachers.

Shindai charges a non-contract minimum amount in monthly fees’ primarily to address our operating costs, and to ensure the provision of a sustainable healthy productive training environment for our students. In addition, the dojo funds are used to enhance training experiences available regionally and nationally by hosting seminars with leading national and international instructors.

If the training doesn’t keep you here, contract obligation should not.

Monthly membership dues cover access to all classes 7 days a week.

Aikido Training      (Monthly dues) Single Adult:          $75 

This rate includes training in: Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu and Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu if you wish, at no additional cost.

  • Those wishing to train in either of those two arts only … may do so , but must be a dojo member.
  • $35.00 per month, plus $25.00 annual dojo insurance.

Family Rate:          $125  (up to three), $40.00 per month each additional family member.
Student Rate:        $60     (active student ID required)

These rates make you eligible to train in any and all classes offered at the dojo. Some scholarships may be available. 

Annual Dues

Dojo Insurance (Paid in January):      $25 annual
ASU Dues:      Annual organization dues, required after first test, or January of the year following joining the dojo.

                                     $35 Mudansha non-black belt
.                                    $75 Yudansha 

Testing fees / *Paid at testing

6th to 4th Kyu:     $40
3rd to 1st Kyu:      $45 

Yudansha testing fees vary and will be published at the time of testing.

Drop In Training

We welcome visitors! The matt fee is $10 per class. 

New Member Special

For $210, new members of the Shindai Aikikai dojo receive:

  • Aikido Do-Gi (Aikido Uniform)
  • ASU Dues (1 Year)
  • Dojo Insurance (1 Year)
  • Basic Training Fee (3 Months)

Dues and other membership expenses:
The payment of dues can be set up via auto pay, which can be suspended at any time, and we also accept personal checks.

Pay your training Fees and Seminar Payments 

We can accept credit cards, square, Venmo and PayPal for seminar payments.

If you have any concerns contact

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