Residents of our Kamiza

Dennis Hooker Sensei (7thDan) ASU Shihan / Founder / April 13,1946 – May 20 2014

Dr. David Jones (6thDan) ASU / Senior Instructor / Jan 13, 2016

Shindai Aikikai Aikido Dojo has a presence, a reputation of integrity, in the Aikido community. The dojo is not only a unique space,  it harbors a unique spirit as well. All of this is due to our founder, our Sensei, our teacher and leader, Dennis Hooker Sensei. His legacy is significant and lies in the hearts of the students that he has directed over the years. We are his legacy.

A custom made bell is rung daily at the beginning of each class (makuso)  in remembrance, and always will be.

We will miss him always. RIP












This memorial hangs on the wall of the Shindai Tea Room.











Dr. David Jones Sensei RokudanDr. David Jones spent decades helping to solidify a hightened awareness in all who trained at Shindai. His singular understanding of the Budo arts, coupled with his encyclopedic knowledge of the human condition, made his articulation enlightenment.  We will miss his voice, instruction, humor, music, intensity… friendship.

RIP Sensei.

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