Class Designations

Shindai Aikikai Classes

Everyone is welcome to train in any class, regardless of rank or experience. Visitors without previous Aikido experience are encouraged to watch several classes first.

Beginners Classes

The focus of these classes is on less experienced students. If you have never trained Aikido or any martial art before, this is a place to begin, but you are not limited to these classes. The topics covered in these classes include an introduction to Aikido training procedures, Budo principles, and dojo standards and etiquette. The emphasis is on Ukemi and techniques through standard ASU 5th kyu waza.

General Class

Open to all levels / (principle) articulation through waza (technique)

Yudansha and instructor level classes

Everyone is welcome regardless of rank. Training vocabulary and concepts however, will be presented with a focus on more experienced Aikidoka.

Buki Waza (Weapons techniques)

This is an Aikido weapons technique and kata study. Principles of Aikido Short staff (JO), the sword (Ken), the knife (Tanto) are studied. The focus is on inherent principles as well as the relationship to ASU Aiki and empty hand training.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are experienced in welcoming you to training whether it is your first time or not.

Class Schedule

Our leadership team extends the exceptional teaching legacy of our late founder, master instructor Dennis Hooker Sensei (ASU 7th Dan) 7 days a week. The dojo is under the leadership of chief instructor Steve Fasen Sensei (ASU 6thDan).  An experienced staff of 10 instructors provides instruction and leadership. Experience all of them.

Meet Us

Shindai maintains a high level of instruction in the principles of Aikido and the philosophies of Budo to extend a foundation for a stronger future in Aiki. In addition to a daily training schedule, Shindai hosts seminars instructed by Saotome Shihan and other significant guest instructors from around the globe.

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Experience vigorous and spirited learning.

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