Patricia Wheeler

PatriciaDr. Patricia Wheeler brings a certain intensity  to her martial practice. The energy she brings to Shindai is often described as electric.  There are those who would describe it as lethal. Currently ranked as a Shodan in Aikido, Patricia also has Yudansha ranking in Karate and JuJitsu.

We find it interesting that her martial influences are virtually everyone she trains with.  In general she claims she draws greatest influence from none other than Darwin. That might be a comment on the evolutionary status of some of the instructors at Shindai.

If you ask Dr. Wheeler to describe her academic history she will tell you she is over educated. Dr. Wheeler (when not training) is the head of pediatric genetics for Nemours Hospital in Orlando.

When she is not involved in all of the above she works out incessantly, is an avid biker, a science fiction aficionado, and bakes the best chocolate chip cookies this side of heaven.

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