Kip Kiener


Kip Keiner Shodan

Kip Keiner

Kip Kiener has trained at Shindai so long that when he started he still had hair.  It is true that when he started he didn’t really have that much hair, but he currently holds the rank of Shodan. His contributions to the dojo, like his training, has been consistent and significant. For several years Kip functioned as Co-Dojo Cho working with Fasen Sensei to insure an unencumbered day to day operation.

Kip also trains in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho under Gil Gillespie Sensei at Shindai.

Professionally, Kip is a Studio and Live Audio Engineer. The rest of the time he is cooking, habitually remodeling his house,woodworking and gardening. Beyond that he claims he only needs pasta and a good red wine. He lives with his wife in Orlando.

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