Membership Dues

Visitors Matt Fee: $10 per class

Shindai Aikikai is dedicated to the teaching and the promotion of Aikido for all interested parties and the communities they benefit. Our teachers are not compensated, but teach in response to obligation and responsibility. All the monies realized from our endeavors are used to provide a healthy productive training environment, and to bring in the best teachers from around the United States.  We charge a minimum amount in monthly fees’ to pay the rent, the bills, and just enough to address keeping the Dojo thriving so that everybody has a place to study the principles of Aikido.

Basic Training (Paid Monthly):

Single Adult:          $75

Family Rate:          $120  (up to three), $40.00 per month each additional family member.

Student Rate:        $60     (active student ID required)


Testing Dues (Paid at Testing):

6th to 4th Kyu:     $40

3rd to 1st Kyu:      $45


Annual Dues:

Dojo Insurance (Paid in January):      $25

ASU Dues: $45 Mudansha – $75 Yudansha


Special Introductory Offer!                 $210


  • Aikido Do-Gi (Aikido Uniform)
  • ASU Dues (1 Year)
  • Dojo Insurance (1 Year)
  • Basic Training Fee (3 Months)

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