Leigh Yeargin

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Leigh Yeargin Shodan

After countless decades training at Shindai, Leigh accomplished her goal of attaining her first of many black belts along her Aikido path. She did so before a panel of ASU Shihan and the inflexible scrutiny of her instructors. Her performance drew both the resounding applause and admiration of all in attendance. Now the hard work begins.

Leigh is an educator, mother of several, wife of one and significant influence to many. We know she is educated  because she can read what we have up in the dojo. In addition to the way she gently cultivates her relationships in the dojo, she also cultivates a colorful garden that provides many of the blooms we enjoy on the kamiza.  She trains at least 8 days a week attempting to better her evolving skills. Her dedication and discipline would indicate that she intends to become a significant influence on the future of Aikido. While we don’t focus on gender in relationship to Budo practice, but it is evident as she sets by example… great standards for everyone in etiquette and dojo hygiene.

She smiles a lot and folds a mean hakama.

We at Shindai firmly believe that she will become all that she can be, which causes us some concern.






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