Uniforms and Equipment

For the serious Aikidoka the uniform and equipment used in Keiko are a symbol of commitment. As in all things, quality tools are always best.


We do not endorse any of the businesses listed here for the acquisition of Uniforms and equipment, but we know from experience they are to be trusted and the quality of their products is good.

Kiyota Company, Inc.  (this company must be contacted by phone or fax)
2326 N Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
410-366-8275 (FAX)
Mon – Fri: 10AM-5PM
Sat: 10AM-2PM                      (Uniforms and Weapons)

Flying Dragon Martial Arts
10730 Connecticut Ave.
Kensington, MD
301-946-0462              (Uniforms and Weapons)

Kingfisher Woodworks   /http://www.kingfisherwoodworks.com/
71 Passumpsic Ave.
PO Box 734
Wilder, VT 05088 USA
802-295-9908                          (High quality Weapons)

Tozando Co., Ltd (Japan) /http://www.tozandoshop.com/
GPO Box 10
Kyoto, Japan 600
+81 75-344-4847 (Japan)

Mugendo Budogu, LLC (USA) / http://www.budogu.com/
6025 S Division Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49548
616-534-7576 (FAX)            (Uniforms and Weapons)

e-bogu / http://www.e-bogu.com/
20220 S. Normandie Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502 USA
310-532-2240(FAX)            (Uniforms and Weapons)

Ki International (Mugen Karate Gi, good cut for Aikido-various weights-decent price to quality) The best heavy weight is the black label… /   http://www.kiintl.com

Toll free: (800) 982-1059   International: (310) 674-5205   Skype: ki-international1222 W. Florence Ave
Inglewood, CA 90301
(Uniforms and Weapons)

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