Charles Harney Sensei

Charles Harney Sensei Sandan

Charles Harney Sensei

Charley Harney Sensei began his Aikido training in 1990 with the USAF organization in Puerto Rico. Affiliated with Shindai Dojo under Dennis Hooker Sensei,  Harney Sensei opened Michi Dojo in 1992. In 2012 Harney Sensei moved back to Florida to become a full time member of  Shindai Dojo and to enhance his personal Aikido training. Working with the instructors of Shindai, including his long time friend Fasen Sensei, his Aikido journey is still an active one.

Harney Sensei was promoted to Sandan in 2007 by Saotome Shihan with recommendation by Dennis Hooker Shihan. He was promoted to ASU Yondan in 2016.

As a recognized ASU instructor and Dojo Cho, Charlie Sensei operated Michi Dojo for over 20 years. His experience is a great asset to Shindai. Michi Dojo, recognized by M. Saotome Sensei as a significant ASU dojo, still operating under Charley Sensei’s senior students. Harney Sensei’s martial journey is one of integrity and significance, and he is a very positive influence for the students of our dojo. Harney Sensei is currently on the instructors staff of Shindai, teaching the morning classes at Shindai Dojo.

Harney Sensei is often referred to as Dr. Harney. Dr. Charles Harney is an Audiologist, currently in practice in Orlando, where he lives with his wife Mandy.



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