Special Fall Training

This special training day will feature some of the outstanding Female instructors at dojo’s throughout Florida. These teachers are first and foremost, excellent instructors and outstanding Aikidoka. We are profoundly grateful that they are willing to come together to take our floor to bring their experience and spirit to Shindai.

We hope that you will join us in this great weekend of training, and Aikido fellowship.

The Florida Instructors Scholarship fund is in place to assist Florida ASUstudents in obtaining funds to attend testing seminars and special training camps. The fund was started by Steve Fasen Sensei (Shindai Dojo) and Mike Page Sensei (North Florida Aikikai) to provide assistance to students recommended by their instructors with the means to attend events integral to their growth and the growth of Florida Dojo’s. The Scholarship Fund has been endorsed by all ASU instructors in Florida, including those teaching at this seminar. We hope that you will participate for the benefit of our Florida Aikido family.

The teaching schedule will be posted once we are closer to the event.

Registration will be a the door.

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