General comments and summer info…

How we view the calendar cycle at Shindai is almost feels to me at times like the spirals of our Aiki. The dojo moves through a traditional flow from Kagami Baraki, through an excellent year of seminars and training, back to Kagami. It all works if we are connected to the subject of our interaction. The rhythm of each year is dictated by the essence of Takemusu Aiki, the levels of training, the contributions of our teachers, the passion of our students, and the gifts of visiting Sensei. And then, there is summer.

It is there in our calendar every year. Summer is not so much an interruption as it is a time of special training around the country and at summer camps. At Shindai the rhythm changes. For some it accelerates. For some it slows down. For the dojo itself… it is hot.

From Kigami Biraki through:

The annual East Coast Aikido Bridge. Once again this year we will bring together a cadre of senior instructors from around the country in a master dialogue of Aiki… unencumbered by rank, association, organization, style or gender. This is Aiki and the future.

Saotome Sensei is indelible in our perspectives and reinforces a message of growth every year when he visits the dojo. Our debt to Sensei continues to grow. His visits always bring new imperatives and implications. He holds up the mirror of Aikido in illuminating and complicated ways.

Special seminars for Aiki training

From time to time we will hold one day training sessions at Shindai. These will feature senior instructors for Shindai and dojo’s around the country.  The proceeds from these events will go to the Florida Instructors Scholarship fund.

A seminar with an ASU Shihan

We will continue to bring ASU Shihan to Shindai in order to promote the legacy of Saotome Sensei through his most valued students.

A seminar with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei 

Ikeda Sensei is a mentor, teacher and friend to Shindai for decades. We will continue to open our doors and hearts to him as long as he is willing to grace our floor.

Go to our events page to see what the future has in store.


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